It's been over 3 years since the release of the last TRAVEL album. Therefore, this new collection of 26 tracks is long overdue, particularly since it's material recorded between 2000 and 2002.

When we were making "this Is our ~music," "Me & My Friend Noise," and "a sleep + a wake," we had plenty of leftover songs. We loved 'em, but they just didn't work within the context of previous records. (Side note, we used every last drop of music on our first album, "Opus Oil Slick..." Nothing remained.) Rather than abandon those moments to the ether, we decided early in 2005 to release them as a "b-sides" record of unreleased material.

There are many great tracks here. "Revelated," "...The Hydrants," "How I Know I'm Still Missing," and "Only A Transmitter" are all great, hooky rock. "Nervous Aluminum Rabbit" and "Tangiers" play to the more avant-garde tendencies of the band. All work together for what sound like a uniform experience.

Some of the tracks were fully mixed at the time we finished the original albums. Others were completed by Matt & Eric over the last several months. There was some overdubbing and mixing that we had left unfinished once we realized a track was getting left off.

TRAVEL is actively working on a record of new material, probably finishing around spring 2006. Probably.