There's plenty about the history of this record on the web page for STARFISH RECORDS, which has all the liner notes and lyrics available. Check out the links page if you're interested. I must say, though, that this album is one of the coolest I've ever worked on. I honestly didn't know if it was going to work when we started out. I was writing to prescribed drum tracks, with fills and accents intact, so I had to tailor my composition to the initial tracks. It worked out well, and I think the reasons are Matt's lyrics and Kelly's drums. Matt gave me an atmosphere. Kelly gave me a structure. So it flowed easily, and we wrote 16 songs in less than 2 weeks. This record was a bit misunderstood, however. People might listen once or twice and shrug, but it's an album that really reveals itself on closer examination. There's all kinds of headphone tricks, strange sounds, and broken lyrics. It's not an easy first listen, but most good records (in my opinion) are that way. I heard it said about "2001:A Space Oddessy," when first seeing something so original, it's easy to dismiss it. This album is nothing if not original.