The label and the band agreed we should record more as soon as possible, this time in a big studio with a big producer. I think these five tunes are all of us playing at the peak of our "Screen Kiss" period, where we focused on the rhythms, the energy, and lost a little of the silly grandeur. These numbers were also banged out on the road a lot before we recorded them in Chicago, and so they have more of a live feel than "Screen Kiss." I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life than during those four days - we had become a comedy troupe. Basically, we spent two days at ACME Studios just playing the songs together and getting good takes, then added some overdubs, both in Chicago and in Dayton. Then, for two days, Blaise mixed the songs at TONE ZONE in Chicago - a Christian 48-track in the worst section of the city. The main long term benefits from this experience was getting to know Blaise and Kelly, two very talented guys who would work on many more albums with me in the future.