This one started out as a third OO OO WA album. Yes, there was a time in summer of 1996 when Nick, Danny, and myself discussed doing a new record, going back to our British roots without all the trappings of the massive 6-piece WA. The three of us had become obsessed with EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL's "Walking Wounded" album and agreed it would be fun to do something like that. So I wrote 5 tunes in a few days, gave a tape to the guys, and they said…well, they didn't say anything. As far as I know, they never listened to the tape. So, with that kind of enthusiasm, and me deep in the heart of recording "Martian Chronicles," I put the project on the shelf for a few months. Then, deciding I liked the 5 songs, even if no one else did, I wrote 5 more, and mixed and mastered them as another new album for TELEGRAPH. However, as time went on, "Martian Chronicles" came out and I began to think of "Theories" differently. TELEGRAPH wasn't a very techno name, and since I had so many musicians on the first two TELEGRAPH albums, I didn't want anyone thinking I had fired everyone. So I changed the name to TEENAGE BLACKOUT. Also, people also told me "Theories" was too pop for TELEGRAPH, and I'd loose my art rock following with "that synth crap." So, I waited for a release date apart from my other releases, finally hitting stores in early '99. I was worried that it would sound pretty creaky with a 2 year life on the shelf, but I think it holds up. With dance material, you never know. But I think "Vista Larga" and the others are really great songs, and great songs last past a blip in the marketplace. Is that naïve?