Here begineth the embarrassment…Now, I shouldn’t really be too hard on this album. For its time, it was great pop. It just seems so damn 80’s. The drums are huge, there are too many overdubs, too much reverb, too many songs about politics, and it’s got a slick sheen that makes the whole thing pretty dated. As this album was being mixed, I was one-foot out the door to join a band called AMEN CORNER, featuring Timmy Taylor (later of BRAINIAC,) so I missed a lot of the creative decision-making on this one. I just couldn’t bring myself to quit the band entirely, mostly because I thought ‘Split’ had a lot of commercial potential. I only wrote 2 of the 12 songs, “Something Left Unsaid” with Morgan, and “Break My Fall” with David, and they’re no great shakes, but hey – I was 17. ‘Split’ did get the band about a hundred good shows and impressive sales, but it’s more a part of my history rather than a display of any actual talent. I was pretty far in the backseat.