This was the final released version of an album that had taken nearly 3 years to make. We had morphed into a 5-piece band with a revolving cast of additional players. I look at the whole thing like a elaborate joke. Not that we weren't "serious artists," but we knew there was an awful lot of tongue-in-cheek. I consider this disc my first true musical expression, and I really felt strongly about every aspect. The suit image was just a continuation of the characters we created on record. It probably wasn't really us, and I would never want to make an album like this again, but I sure had a lot of fun pretending to be Mark White from ABC. This entire record was recorded by Sean Haney in his Cincinnati studio on 8-track. We sequenced all the synths and drums (Mike played triggers,) so we could get the best use out of the tracks. After all, we had a huge band, big arrangements, and wanted the listener to be able to pick out any instrument at any time and follow it through the song. We demo-ed each song out the ass - I wanted everything to be perfect. This is probably the flaw of this album. It's a little stiff, not very spontaneous. I must say, though, that for a band that (at that point) had never played a show, it sounds like a cohesive bunch of guys with a specific direction and style. And for being pulled from 3 years of sessions, there isn't much dip in the quality from 91 to 93. I'm amazed we were able to focus that hard on something for that long. Lord knows I could never do that today.