The Sad Comedies had an album out in 2013. In my opinion, it was the best ambient album that I ever made. It may have been my best album ever. At the time, it sold well and the CD packaging design was awesome, which helped. Now it's 9 years a later and I can't believe that Plush Toy Records from NYC was cool with this delay. Originally, this album was to follow 6 months later, but I got swept into the world of film scoring and it took me a very long time to return to the form of a single, 40-min.-ish track of ambient composition. But, well, I finally did it. As with the first one, it took a long, long time to find the right sounds and to create the 300 track slowly evolving wallpaper that is a Sad Comedies record. This one is, perhaps, more melodic and uplifting, great for rainy days or drives through cloudy countryside. I hope you dig. PS - One cool thing is I got to play Robert Fripp-like chorused riffs, just like on a David Sylvian album, so I can check that box.