The Sad Comedies was a band name long before it became a band. I had that in my head about five years, but never found a project to attach it to until now. This is the first of two intended "audio wallpaper" albums I plan to release under that name. Each will have one long, slowly evolving song. It's comprised of about 200 tracks of sound mixed and mixed and mixed. It took six months of mixing to find the exact combination of emotion and atmosphere. Plush Toy had contacted me about a re-release of Teenage Blackout's 2003 album Alarm Clock World, coming later this summer in a re-master, but I also wanted to try that sound again, but different. I had been listening to a lot of White Rainbow and really liked their 1 hour long track Sea Thru.

A note on the artwork -- this is my first album ever to be released in a digipak. And that old school painting is a pretty funny image to associate with an ambient record. Keep in mind, though, that this is warm, old, musty sound -- much like a vintage painting. So, I dare say, it works.