For the record: I have always loved radio drama.

Producers such as Arch Oboler, and writers such as Norman Corwin, are like gods to me. Shows like SUSPENSE and THE WHISTLER are of the highest quality. THE SHADOW is just plain cool. The stuff I like the best is genre-based-detectives & noir, Martian invasion, supernatural ghost & such. Slightly cheesy, but still all-out involving. Although there are great stories being told over the airwaves today, radio is sadly not what it was in the heyday. It's fallen out of fashion for drama and that's a shame. For an artist, radio drama is a challenging form-a good exercise in paring everything down to the essentials of story, character, and dialog. It's not like a play, or a novel, and especially not like a screenplay. After all, the final product contains no visuals. It's all in your head.

I feel very honored to have had my work produced and aired. It is a blessing to be part of such a cool tradition.

(All scripts or audio productions available upon inquiry.)