This is a compilation of film scores from 2010 through 2020. I hand-picked the tracks, no necessarily being the best tracks, but because they fit together as a consistent experience. It's a very chill compilation, omitting all the thriller cuts in favor of the ambient ones. The songs have been retitled, not to mislead buyers, but because it fit with the packaging more. The tracks have all been remastered, too, in order to hang together well.

One track, "Filmstrip 9" has an interesting backstory. I wrote this for the film Smile for Me, a 2019 ghost story. However, I got fired from the project before I delivered the whole score. Ironically, I delivered a previous score for a different film in a week and the film didn't get finished for another year. So when I slow trained this one, I got fired for taking too long, so that's funny. Eh, no biggie, it happens; plus, maybe my score was stupid.

Also, "Filmstrip 16," the final cut, is "Dinner Music" from UNDER THE TABLE, my 2012 film. This is the second number from that to be released, as there is no official soundtrack, only a single with the title song, so this is a special treat, too, I suppose.