352 pages (softback)

As with THE WHITE AIRPLANE, I wasn't quite sure where to put this release, as it's really meant for the STAGE & SCREEN section. However, it is a published book, so wanted to have it visible here, too.

This published version came about because of Hooper Cinema Classics in LA and several investers in my film NERVES wanted to keep the screenplay out in the public as we raised funds for the film. Originally, it was a small playbook size, but there was enough buzz in LA around SUMMER OF GHOSTS that we decided to include that, too. And then I lobbied to just throw in THE BATTLE FOR CARLYLE, this zombie film I've been sitting on a while. A trio (or triangle) of horror stories seems to have more symmetry, so everyone got on board. Add a cool mysterious women and the cover and some flattering intros by Norman Berklein, plus a poster or two, and it's a nice trade paperback (or, grrr, Kindle version) of three of my best screenplays. If only DOCUMENTIA was horror, you'd round out my films that got the most attention. Maybe one day these'll all become fully realized. But, for now, this is cheaper (and lazier), but certainly no less entertaining.