As you may know, the label hooked THE LOUD BANGS up with a publisher to release an "end of the band" statement. This coffee table book called "Hazy Parade" includes lyrics to all of Alice's songs from the last 8 EPs, plus interviews, articles, essays, photos, etc. It's a pretty fun book for a low price, so you should totally buy one! 500 pages of in jokes, mostly, but also a real fun deep dive into what was achieved and what was lost. If you get the book, you will know nearly everything about this fantastic project.

Not included directly, but available for mail order, is a free 10-song "best of" companion CD. Yes, CDs are dead and no one will care, but for those who might, here it is. Also included is an exclusive remix of "Ex Doll," which is equally cool but different to the original track. The art of the book, the CD, and a small batch of tees, all align and, overall, it's a very cool memento of the last two years of hard labor and joy.

Alice chose the title "Favorite Behaviors" not only because it is here 10 favorite tracks ever from the band, but since they got so much Uk press, she was just curious if anyone cares to review the book if they'll call it "Favourite Behaviours." Sort of an in-joke / field experiement.

Most of the tracks, though it doesn't say so, are the (Remodel) versions from "Kiss Me There" or "Get Sent There." I agree with all her choices and hopefully this CD will be a nice "fan club curio" for the dozen people who give a shit.