Early Recordings Vol. 1-4 is a collection of four singles, released with new artwork for streaming for the first time. Three of the tracks were from 1996's "Experiment Farm Road." One other is from "Martian Chronicles." The soundtrack to 2018's AMERICAN BARBARIAN actually released a lot of this older 1990s material in a new package (with new song titles). But these four were not on the soundtrack and I always liked them, so decided to do some special packaging, see if it held any interest to someone, being my earliest solo work. Noteable on these is that my production skills weren't as good and things are pretty all over the map. I still dig it, though, as it reminds me of a time and place is my musical journey that was like no other. I also dig the four color varients of the covers, from a picture series I took just before leaving Dayton, Ohio and moving to the big city of Chicago. This is a B & W shot out the window of my 1988 Toyota Corolla on a rainy day. Love it.

Features: "Signal Flares & Indicator Lights," a song about indecision where every single instrument takes the melody at some point. The song can't even decide if it should run forwards or backwards. "Town of Creeps" is a grungy number, not unlike "The Girl Who Lived on Heaven Hill" from 2013's "Blank Sermons..." record by TRAVEL. "The Sinking Moon" is a mini-symphony of VERY BRIGHT GUITARS!!! And "Burning Witches" is the strangest track in my entire catalog -- a 12-minute epic that blends MY BLOODY VALENTINE and acid-era BEACH BOYS.