K C Q -- aka Casey Quint -- is a London-based trip hop artist that had her debut - at age 18! - in duet with Alice Street of THE LOUD BANGS on the song "The Jaime Situation." She's actually the cousin of one of the label guys, but don't let that fool you -- there's no nepotism here. Casey has earned it! Casey was working on a debut album on her own and with a few writing partners throughout 2022, but wasn't really digging it. It was a good demo, but not quite a releasable pro product. She asked me at the end of 2022 for some mixing help and that turned into some co-writing. What resulted the 6-song long EP (25 min.) you have here, which was the best of about 15 possible numbers. Working her UK connections, she eventually landed a deal with Black Astronaut and the record releases in 2024. It was on a shelf a while, but don't let that dissuade you from it's quality.

Also, trip hop / rap is not a big part of my catalog. I do love the genre and follow and admire a lot of artist. But it's not really my #1. Like country music, I just don't really gravitate to vocal-based music. It's always the music first for me (see why THE LOUD BANGS loves me???). However, you may be surprised to know, this is actually my second rap album. The first was DJ POWDA's "Fight The Powda." This is much, much more serious (and better).