ATFTCTTE (see, even the abbreviation is long) is a 2019 horror film by Ward Cockett, who was the editor on Cry It Out. He dug the score I did for that film, so asked me to do his directorial debut.

The film, and the score, turned out to be a lot of fun and real purdy. It was recorded in about 14 days and is heavily reliant on my daughter, Charlotte Callahan, who was 12 when this was recorded. Charlotte was on a few tracks for Cry It Out and, not knowing the singer was my young daughter, Ward asked if I could do some of that same Italian-Giallo style "ooohs" and "aaahs" and "laaas" in order to pay tribute to that time and sound. Even the title is similar to the film All The Colors of the Dark, so I knew this would be up my alley.

Like Cry It Out and LVRS, I provided a library of music that the music editor could choose and apply as appropriate. So, if you see the movie, it's not exactly in line with the soundtrack (or the song titles), but it still serves as a great compliment to the experience. The film is very good and has some genuinely creepy things in it. It's also a very classy affair and sorta old school, so you know I dig it. The film also has the most SFX of any film I've scored.

Mostly, the instrumentation was a Prophet 5 synth so it may, a little unintentially sometimes, hew close to the John Carpenter sound. Ward originally wanted me to do an organic score with lots of acoustic instruments, which is why there is a lot of strings on the score. However, the more synth tracks he decided were better for the film's aestetic and before you know it, the synths were everywhere. Now the piano and strings stuff are fairly light.

My son Liam plays drums on the soundtrack, too. And, when I discovered some 1950s pipe organ recordings of my mother, who is a classical pianist, I couldn't help but use a few of those in the spooky parts.

PS - I think this is Blaise Barton's best-ever master of my work. It's our 37th project together.